Ship Agency & Husbandry

As an intermediary on your behalf, our competent team takes responsibility for the ship the moment she makes a port call and ensures all necessary formalities required in port are successfully carried out efficiently to reduce the time spent in the port and to avoid penalties and costs. We also provide anchorage services when the need arises.

We are able to combine our husbandry services with ship agency services to create a tailor-made support package to meet specific needs of every vessel. All our operations are carried out in accordance with the local and international authority regulations.

We offer you our ship agency and husbandry services:

  • Inward and outward clearance
  • Mooring and unmooring services
  • Ensuring a suitable berth for the ship
  • Liaison between ship owners and charterers
  • Meeting the necessary formalities with respect to delivery and reception of goods
  • Communicating relevant information for shipment to shippers via e-mails, phone calls and through any other medium available. etc.
  • Provision of top medical services through professional health providers.
  • Provision of fresh pot-water when necessary
  • Drawing up documents for customs and harbor services
  • Sludge removal
  • Underwater services
  • Follow-up with workshops, contractors etc.
  • Rendering of repair services to ships
  • Cash to master