Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be known as the premier service provider active in the marine industry in West Africa. We achieve this vision through regular dialogue which uniquely positions us to add significant value to the businesses of our customers. By understanding the drivers of the businesses of our customers, we can partner with our suppliers to deliver cost efficient solutions. We take a proactive stance on regulatory matters and invest in developing long term solutions where possible to improve the services and the products we render to our customers

To serve our customers in the best way to enable them to achieve their business goals, by delivering timely & quality services that are:
• Reliable
• Cost effective Exceeding expectations
• In accordance with all applicable Quality,
Safety and Environmental standard

We are a value-driven organization with a common set of values, shared by every member of our organization. These serve as a standard reference point and positions us all to successfully move together into the future. We aim at creating long-term value, driving excellence and building lasting relationships. We firmly believe that our shared values amongst our Employees, Partners and Clients impacts on our overall productivity,
Where we work and thrive by these five (5) key values:

Our KEYS to success:

  1. High Competence and Experience of Staff and Management
  2. Excellent communication levels between employees and clients; as a result, we have a Respectful and Open culture
  3. Open communication with our customers and suppliers, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and long-lasting reputation within the community
  4. Operate in line with National and International Practices, Regulations and Procedures for Safety, Compliance and Quality.
  5. Broad database of Highly qualified and Multifunctional Crew
  6. Inherent strive to be the best in our industry, and excel in everything we do
  7. Continuous drive to expand the services rendered

we CARE, we SERVE, we are COMMITED